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I don’t like Renee Young. I have nothing against her, she does a good job, I just can’t take to her.

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xcha0sint0art asked: Girrrrl, I hear you on that eczema nonsense, I have this weird version of psoriasis (my legs especially) and it sucks just as much. If you haven't already tried, get some vitamin D and E supplements and take 1 or 2 a day. You could also try using vaseline as a lotion before bed on break out spots, wrapping plastic wrap around them and securing it with masking tape (like they send you home with just after getting a new tattoo). Just wanted to share what works for me, hope you feel better soon. :)

I have tons of lotion and it works everywhere except my legs, I dunno why it’s only my legs that split, it’s painful as fuck - I’ll give the wrap a go though, hopefully it works! Thanks!!

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Can you imagine Roman Reigns going down on you? Having those massive hands hold your hips down, running your fingers through his silky hair, gripping it tightly when he thrusts his tongue inside you? He doesn’t seem like the type to hold back, he’d eat you out until you were screaming in pleasure, perfect little smirk on his face because he knows he’s capable of making you a withering mess with nothing but his tongue, enjoying the feeling of having you squirm underneath him until finally you couldn’t take the pleasure anymore and you call out his name in ecstasy. Fuck.

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jackthwagger asked: idek my sister ordered them for me because one of mine exploded cause of my boobs so she was like "yeah, no, we're getting you new ones" so ill be a surprise

Oh I hope they’re pretty!! And yay for her buying you some ^_^